Nokia Settings

In Nokia Mobile has a built in SIP stack which actually works extremely well with the Wiki Voip Provider service. No need to download any Sip Software to use Unlimited Package also means that users can call from their Nokia mobile phone in situations an Office or Home where WiFi network or GSM Internet service is available.

Please ensure that you have account and that you have credit on the account if you wish to make outbound cheep calls to landline and mobile in the world any destinations.

The following section describes the configuration settings for the Nokia Mobile.


  1. Go to your phone MENU
  2. Tools -> Setting
  3. Setting -> Connection
  4. Connection -> SIP settings
  5. SIP settings ->Options
  6. Options -> Add new SIP profile (ADD NEW PROFILE HERE)
  7. SIP Profile Page 1
    1. Profile name =Duco
    2. B) Service profile = IETF (Default) 
    3. Default access point =Select your available access point , 3g, or wifi
    4. Public username =Sip:user@
  8. Sip profile page 2  
    1.  A) User compression = On
    2. Registration = Always on
    3. User security = No
      8.1) PROXY SERVER
      1. Proxy server address =
      2. Realm  =
      3. User name = wiki username
      4. Password = wiki password


  1. SIP Profile - > Regist server page
    1. Registrar server address =
    2. Realm =
    3. User name = wiki username
    4. Password = wiki password
    5. Transport type = Auto
    6. Port = 60  or 5060 (both will work)




  1. Click 'Back', wait a few seconds, it will show 'Registered' 


  1. Change default call type to ‘Internet’
    1. Settings 
    2. Settings -> Call
    3. Call -> Default call type
      1. Internet call waiting =Note active
      2. Internet call alert = On
      3. Default call type = Cellular
      4. Reject call with SMS = Yes


Reboot your phone. Once your phone is back on it will automatically register to

Once it is registered you can start making calls.

Default call type: To switch between normal GSM calls or VOIP calls, navigate to Tools / Settings / Call / Default call type. Select Cellular to make normal calls to the phone number or Internet to use Voip to call the number or address

Make Calls!

To dial any phone number that is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:

1 + Area Code + Phone number. For example if you want to call INDIA (country code 91) phone number in CALICUT (city code 495) you must dial 91+495+phone number.