About Us

We should know the history of telephone ,before the history of Wikitalk. It was in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell played a major role in voice communication & came out with a revolutionary invention called ‘Telephone’. One after another inventions followed like Telegraph, Radio, computers etc. Followed by this, an insight and dedicated work leads a revolution in the mobile communication industry.

Wiki Talk established in Washington D.C in 1990, when the VOIP was in its initial stage, It was growing rapidly by spreading its operation from continent to continent. By providing the vast range of VOIP products with high quality voice with TDM routes made us the No:1 in Voip communication.

We had technically tied up with Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson, Apple IPhone , Microsoft and many. Our distribution networks are spreading vastly in Far East and Middle East and all over the world. Our supporting services, billing software, and technology used in encryption of Mobile Dialers and Pc dialers are made by our own research and development department.

The high quality direct interconnected TDM routes are the only one secret behind our success. The dedicated support team and the availability of live support become another factor behind the success. Our encrypted PC Dialers and Mobile dialers are working in all blocked countries.